Tabula Rusa

from by Aaron Martinez



The sun is setting in your mind. You want to say I'm crazy. Well, that's just fine. But you want to find a man who is sane. Good luck, darling, all men are filled with hate. Just keep going and I promise I'll stay.

My insecurities are catching up to me and I'm scared you have another man in mind. I don't know if he's in California or here tonight. I'll just go to sleep and hope for the best. Wait for your call as I write these songs. I can never go to sleep until you call. So I guess I'll be waiting up all night.

Your carelessness shines in the night. Your love shows in the morning light. On the bed in the basement of the midwest. You woke up clinging on to me so tight. Making love and feeling young. Talks of dreams and endless nights. Kerouac and Dass watch along. Hear you talk like your from another time and I know I'm just a fool for you.

What's left of my mind always aches but I hear you got mood swings and nauseous nights. Well this is what you wanted, right? Indulging in other men all of the time. Well you go and choose your own fate. Changing yourself for the next brood. Your true colors will shine tonight and you took advantage of my love. Just one more word before you leave. I never knew you were this person to be.


from EP, released July 23, 2014



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Aaron Martinez

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